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Your ultimate professional goal is only a step away. Whether you are a career-seeker or new entrepreneur, we encourage you to take the first step today!


But i'm feeling stuck!

-I don't know how to write a resume

-I'm underpaid at my employer

-I'm ready to start the business

-I don't know how to price my services


No worries!
We have a solution to your problem...

Latte Resume Consulting
Coaching for
Career-Seekers + New Entrepreneurs



So you're now ready to take that leap towards the career and salary you know you deserve, Right? However, you need a resume, interview help, job leads, and so much more to get started. LRC provides a one-stop experience all the way to the finish line! We complete many of the tasks for you like filling out a job application and so much more!


New Entrepreneurs

Whether you've been in business for 4 years or haven't even started yet, Latte Resume Consulting is the place for you to help you sort out, find your starting point, and start the business. You may be in need of help finding funding, website design, moving your idea to a business and so forth. LRC has an exclusive coaching program just for you!


Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Racquel and I work with people that are serious about going after their ultimate professional goal. I understand that the tasks involved getting into the career you really want or starting a business may be overwhelming or bring discontentment. This is where I come in because I help bring ease to the process and make your vision come reality!

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