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Latte Resume Consulting Interview with Techno Control Corporation Director Muhammad Awais

Latte Resume Consulting Interview with Techno Control Corporation Director Muhammad Awais

n this video Muhammad Awais will discuss his journey as a career-seeker and entrepreneur. Not only is his story inspiring but he shares how he learned practical ways to become successful..globally. Muhammad Awais is the director of Techno Control Corporation in Lahore, Pakistan. He’s secured multi-national companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Electric, FFC, and more! Muhammad Awais was born and raised in Abu Dhabi. He attended the National University of Sciences & Technology and received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He’s written countless articles about project management, engineering, starting a business, and more. Muhammad Awais will be discussing his journey from startup to now and giving practical steps on how he became successful securing global businesses! The full interview will be posted on Latte Resume Consulting website latteresumeconsulting.com and clips will be distributed throughout Latte Resume Consulting social platforms. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to all so that you do not miss this powerful interview. How to get in touch with Muhammad Awais: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhammadawaisy/ https://mobile.twitter.com/muhammad_awaisy https://www.instagram.com/muhammad_awaisy/ https://www.facebook.com/Muhammad.awaisyy/ ************************************************************************* Who am I? I'm Racquel, an entrepreneur who work with people that are serious about going after their ultimate professional goal. Whether you are a career-seeker or new entrepreneur, I coach you into taking the steps needed toward your goal. I am a certified career, entrepreneur, NLP practitioner, and public speaker coach. I hold a BA in Spanish and MA in Human Services with a minor in business. I am also a part-time actress in my spare time. Get in touch with Racquel Rogers Website: latteresumeconsulting.com Email: lrc@consultant.com Join the Latte Resume Consulting Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Latte-Resume... Join Keep Shining Global Facebook group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/62151... 😍Latte Resume Consulting Info: Website: latteresumeconsulting.com Email: lrc@consultant.com
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