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Drive Your Resume to the Top of the Pile Using the CCAR Model

There is still stiff competition for many job openings, so you need a way to make your resume stand out in a crowded field of candidates. The CCAR model is one proven technique that can help you get noticed by employers and show off your accomplishments to your best advantage.

The Four Elements of CCAR:

1. Context. Describe the context. Begin by setting the stage for your story. Set out what

organization you worked for and any relevant details, like its mission and size. Provide your

official job title and the role you played.

2. Challenges. State the challenges. Explain the obstacles you worked to overcome. Maybe

your company faced rising costs due to postage increases or your customers were asking to

see evidence of sustainable environmental practices.

3. Actions. Chronicle your actions. Spell out precisely what you did to respond to the

challenge. You could recount how you reorganized mailings to qualify for postal discounts

or installed more efficient lighting in your facilities.

4. Results. Report the results. Talk about the final outcome and its impact on your company.

Specify what you achieved in terms of cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, lower

employee turnover or similar measurements.

CCAR is recommended by the Office of Personnel Management, so you want to master the format if you plan to fill out a job application for the federal government. Whatever your career

goals, the model can also be adapted to improve your performance in any behavioral based

interview or employee evaluation.

So, put CCAR to work to drive your career to the next level!

Until next time..💕

Racquel Rogers

Director of Operations

Latte Resume Consulting


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