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"One thing that I tell people is to invest! Invest in yourself mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually"!

Her Story

Racquel Rogers is the founder & managing director of Latte Resume Consulting(LRC). She works with clients that are serious about reaching their ultimate career goal. Racquel has always been passionate about helping others which is why she created LRC, a full career preparation service. What makes her company unique is that it focuses on helping career-seekers to acquire positions/salaries above the national average and new entrepreneurs with their business startup. In addition to this, she partners with corporate companies for their talent acquisition needs, facilitate workshops on the resume and interviewing processes.


Racquel was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. She is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a graduate of Liberty University with a Master’s degree in Human Services with a minor in Business. Racquel is a certified Career Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, NLP Practitioner & NLP life Coach, and Public Speaker & Facilitator Coach. Currently, she is also pursuing her Ph.D. studies.  Racquel is the co-author for The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship book which was released in July 2019 and author of “Each Day I Renew My Focus On My Career Goal”, “Resume Optimization”, and “Tell Me About Yourself” e-guides. She has been featured on iHeart Media’s “Girls You Got this and Guys You Do Too”, “EnSoul Media”, “Empowerher It’s A Movement”, SwagHer Magazine, Motivated to Elevate, named as “Power20” in Glambitious Magazine , 3 Women Voices, speaker at The International World Voice Summit, Creative Broadcasting/Creating Your Seat at the Table, HerVision Magazine, Speaker for Entrepreneurher in the City, Speaker for Glambitious: Meet the Coach virtual Event, and much more.

When she is not working on her goals, she enjoys visiting museums, reading, family-time, acting in movies, and performing at her local theater. Two fun facts about her is that she is an actress and she performed in the Dreamgirls play production in North Carolina September 2018 and was nominated as Best Newcomer Actress. One of Racquel’s goals besides putting more people in 6 figure careers is to help people go after the careers they really want.

Vision Plan

Where we're going...

Where we're at...

Latte Resume Consulting plans to go global. LRC is partnering around the globe not only hoping to inspire career-seekers and new entrepreneurs, but also to help them reach their ultimate goal. Courses, virtual workshops, books, a headquartered facility are just a few upcoming plans.

As Latte Resume Consulting evolved, it pivoted into a one-stop career shop. In addition to writing resumes the company now offers: Mock Interviewing, Search-Complete-Submit Job Applications, Writing Personal and Career Bios, Assisting with Job Evaluations, Script Writing for Commercial Use Only, Creating and Managing Career Profiles(e.g. Indeed, LinkedIn, etc), Providing Talent Acquisition Services to Corporate companies, Helping New Entrepreneurs with their Startup, Facilitating Workshops on the Resume and Interviewing Processes.

Our founder, Racquel Rogers have received the following certifications: Career Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, NLP Practitioner & NLP life Coach, and Public Speaker & Facilitator Coach

Where we've been...

Latte Resume Consulting first began only writing resumes. Resume writing had always been a passion for Racquel Rogers for many years prior and thats all she wanted to do. However, Racquel was invited to be a co-author for the "Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship". Among others, she has also written e-guides  such as "Each Day I Renew My Career Goal" which became a bestseller on her platform.

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